He Lines Up Boards, Nails Them To Horizontal Boards And Makes An Item Many Of Us Need!

I can’t really think of one person who hasn’t needed one of these at least one time in their life and they can be rather expensive if you buy one at the store.

Lets face it, a child or a pet changes everything in your life. And I do mean everything! From your usual wake-up routine to psychological reactions to crying in the middle of the night, a baby will have definite effects on your lifestyle.

With this in mind, the interior design of your home will change noticeably. One thing you should bear in mind is what everyone calls baby gates (or pet gates). These half-doors are designed to prevent your little one from falling down the stairs or areas in your home that aren’t safe for a baby.

There are plastic doors you can buy from the stores but the DIY version looks a heck of a lot better and will be probably harder to climb over.

You can build these really cheap with pallet wood and there’s no reason you shouldn’t make one of these when they are so easy to build.

Watch the instructions provided in the tutorial below and make sure you build the barn door baby gate before the baby starts to crawl…or your puppy wants to alleviate themselves in your home!

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