He Makes A Brilliant Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Unparalleled to Any (Watch!)

Many of us have struggled with squirrels on our bird feeds and have tried all sorts of solutions, but they all see to fail. My Mother has suffered from the battle of the squirrels for a long time. She’s gone as far as putting a trash can lid over the bird feeder and the squirrels still find a way to get to the bird seed! They’re clever little critters.

I love squirrels, but bird food is expensive.These cute but rapacious little monsters chase off the birds, eat all the seeds, and can chew bird feeders up. Those little fuzz brains are pure artists, when comes plotting problem solutions. You can see them think and evaluating the situation. They are also not giving up easily, when they fail at their first attempt; and they learn as they go…quite comical actually!

With this bird feeder you can finally keep the squirrels out of your birds seed and the squirrels will still get enough food from the seeds, the birds are throwing overboard.I assure can you, no squirrel has been harmed in my attempt to keep them out of my bird feeder.

This one guy who build a squirrel proof bird feeder said “I’ve been trying to fight off squirrels since 1989. I tried ultrasound generators, slingshots, and spiking the birdseed with hot peppers – all to no avail.”

Some people drill holes in frisbees and attach it to the pole they have their bird feeders hanging from and others have used slinky’s on their poles, but this won’t solve your problem if you have a hanging bird feeder. Although, I must admit, there are some clever folks out there!

Watch how this bird feeder is made in Chris Notap’s step by step tutorial, if you want to make one of these cool looking bird feeders and keep your squirrels at bay!



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