Saturday, December 2

He Makes A Really Unique Pallet Half Moon Cradle For A Starry Night!

If you’re looking for an adorable cradle, then look no more! This one takes the cake on cuteness!  Why not take advantage of this awe-inspiring and most innovative pallet projects to help yourself in your child or baby care issues! Pallets can give a big helping hand to all loving parents and parent can do every handy and less time taken constructions with pallets to build awesome kids special furniture, kids garden swings, toddler beds, baby cribs and even those of super study and visually attractive baby cradles!

The charming DIY pallet baby moon cradle, also decorated with custom star wooden cutouts made on each side of the cradle! The lower part comes with a flat built in surface that serves as a comfortable baby bed. All you need is a bundle of pallet straight boards to craft this precious cradle for your little baby.

The entire half moon cradle is a whole portrayal of a baby’s fantasy, the moons and stars are what that often please the babies so this moon cradle with star cutouts is sure to be an all pleasing gift for your babies or grandbabies!

The lower of the moon comes with a straight flat surface installed inside that is actually the sleeping and resting platform for your baby and all you need is to add a cushion for soft comfort to your baby!

There is lot more one can do to fancy this moon cradle, you can put the LEDs inside, which will give an amazing light spread at night through the star cutouts!

You have several options of  painting this baby cradle in number of colors for a more enchanting and graceful look! Using stain coats, varnish coats and polyurethane coats would also be what that will enhance the visibility and overall wooden appeal!

Just an important FYI: If you don’t see the IPPC Logo, don’t use it! Even if a pallet may be perfectly safe without this logo, it could also mean that it was treated with chemicals!

Watch how Jochem Dijkstra makes this dreamy cradle in this step by step tutorial!

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