He Makes Ice Cream In A Mason Jar…Who Says You Have To Have An Ice Cream Maker To Make Good Ice Cream?

We decided to make homemade ice cream in our mason jars…and the kids had so much fun. Although they didn’t shake them all themselves…it was more fun for a minute until their little arms got tired, and then Mom and Dad ended up shaking the rest. Oh well, they enjoyed it for a minute!

I remember big family gatherings, when I was little, and the ice cream maker was always a big family tradition during those get togethers! I grew to love home made ice cream many years ago.

When I saw this tutorial about how to make ice cream in a Mason jar, I got so excited! I couldn’t even believe it was possible to make ice cream this way!

This is a great thing to do with your kids and family over the holidays, since they will be out of school and looking for something to do!

Watch how this guy with Inspire To Cook makes this in his step by step tutorial!


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