Thursday, November 30

He Makes These Awesome Wood Stools And You Won’t Believe How Easy They Are To Make!

Looking for some cool stools for your bar?  These are da bomb! The best thing about these bar stools is that you can easily make them yourself!

I’d been looking for some rustic looking bar stools for what seems like forever and I happened to see this video!  I knew that I had to have these. They are so unique looking and I didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them!

Having bar stools sure helps when you’re having a lot of company. You don’t have to drag out more chairs from here there and everywhere! They also give people another place to eat or sit and visit while I’m cooking in the kitchen.  The most popular hang out for guests is always in the kitchen! The kitchen is always where people gather.

As shown in the picture, they have made a really fabulous bar/table to go with these stools.  I eventually want my husband to build one of these, but for now, I’m just happy to have my awesome bar stools!  I added some bright colored pillows to mine and it’s a really good contrast with the stained wood.

Watch how DIY Pete builds these great looking bar stools in his step by step tutorial!

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