Thursday, November 30

He Makes This Remarkable Pallet Coffee Table With a Brilliant Pop Of Color…

Don’t you just love the turquoise metal hairpin legs on the pallet coffee table? I think it’s brilliant! This is a great statement for any living room. It’s got that modern eclectic appeal that I’m so drawn to.

This vitally important piece of pallet furniture can be built for free! If you really need an inspiration then this DIY wooden pallet coffee table is best in this case and can easily be fabricated using pallets!

Go for a deconstruction of pallet boards and build a big wooden tray like shape using the dismantled planks, it would actually be the tabletop for your targeted coffee table design. Now all you need is to provide it some sturdy legs to give it a convenient height level and also a stylish way of standing! In this case, the 2-post metal hairpin has been selected for an industrial and highly stable look of the table!

The metal hairpin legs really make it perfectly stand and give it a centerpiece worth. Two types of pallet wood have been used to get the table top. You can also replicate this DIY pallet table design by grabbing some pallets from the surrounding areas of your home.

Pallet wood projects are all the rage in this day and time and are unique pieces to add to your home decor. This one has that rustic modern appeal and will fit into just about any decor.

This is a fun project and is fun to have in my home! Watch how Brett Withjack does this great table in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one for your home!




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