Thursday, December 7

He Makes Three Incredibly Easy Christmas Trees That Are Super Cute!

If you’re anything like me, I get so excited about decorating for the holidays and I like having some kind of Christmas tree in most of the rooms of my home. It gives my whole family the true feeling of the celebration upon us.

When you have DIY projects as easy as these, you can have a tree in every room! These are so easy, inexpensive and add so much excitement to the holiday season!

These make great activities for your kids during their holiday break and will break up some of their boredom….also, getting them off of those electronic devices for a little while. I find it to be good to have projects that will bring the family together. It’s really healthy!

I think my favorite of all these trees is the one that’s made out of the tree branches. I love the simple rustic look about it. Something so simple can be so charming!

Rustic and country style decors often call for natural elements, for example twigs, as decoration. If your taste reflects a rustic style and you’re looking for a budget friendly way to add some natural decor, consider crafting your own decorations from twigs or tree branches with this DIY idea. Replace ordinary items in your home with these twiggy versions to give your home a cozy, rustic feel.

The tree made with tissue paper or the one that’s made out of shiny wrapping paper and a pre-made cone looks fabulous in small places like bathrooms, by a bedside table or sitting on your kitchen bar!

Watch how Dave with DaveHax makes these easy and adorable Christmas trees. in his step by step tutorial, so you can add some easy Christmas decor to your home!

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