He Nails Boards Together And You’ll Want This Perfect Backyard Addition!

Your backyard is a place where you can get really creative with plants, furniture, lighting and other great looking items, and this DIY project will be the perfect addition to create a whole new level of aesthetics to your yard.

This project is actually quite easy, but if you’re not sure about working with wood, grab your boyfriend or husband and put him to work. Men love projects!

Lately it feels like Summer weekends around our house are projects weekends for our backyard and I’m loving it! Our backyard has undergone a huge transformation and were so looking forward to enjoying it.

Soon we’ll be adding patio furniture to our patio and be able to fully enjoy outdoor living, which is one of my goals to use our backyard in a purposeful way.

Our plan is to have our backyard feel like and extension of our home giving our small home extra living space and since I love having plants indoors I also wanted to have them on our patio displaced in a pretty way. While browsing online for outdoor planter ideas, I saw this great plant stand that looked both functional and such a pretty way to display plants.

Watch how Steve Ramsey builds this fabulous planter in his step by step tutorial so you can get started building yours!

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