He Nails Pallets, Wraps And Hot Glues Twine. You’ll Always Have A Place For This Item!

A clever item made from pallet wood that’s incredibly easy to build and you’ll absolutely enjoy doing it, not to mention you’ll get a very useful item in the end. And, don’t forget the best part…the pallet wood is free!

This handcrafted picture frame is full of so much charm, I had to make one. My granddaughter has ridden horses for 7 years (she was 6 when she started) and I wanted one of these to put a picture of her and her horse in. I can’t begin to tell you how perfect it is…just as I imagined it would be!

One of the most unique picture frames I own and I have a lot of pretty cool frames. This is probably not the last one I’ll be making. I’m gonna make one of these for my daughter, my granddaughter’s Mother, with a copy of the picture I put in mine. Oh, and I found these darling small rustic Texas stars to put at the center top of the frame.

These can be made to look rustic and worn by painting them and giving them a weathered look, and can be used to show off your photos or artwork. Or, they can be left in their natural rustic state like I did my first one. The next one I make I’m going to paint it and give it a weathered look.

Watch how Steve Ramsey does this in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making one of these awesome picture frames!


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