He Paints A Door And You Won’t Believe The Brilliant Thing He Does With It!

Do you have a spot in the house where everyone leaves their stuff? Perhaps the entryway or foyer area. In my house, the living room and kitchen are the drop zone. We come into our house through the garage and on the way to the living room, we tend to expel our belongings as we go. I’m mainly talking about the children.

I originally wanted one of those storage benches with matching shelf and hook above. I spent countless hours on Pinterest looking for ideas. I even found a few that I liked, but I could not justify paying the asking price for those. Many are upwards of $300-$500. Then I came across numerous ideas for hall trees made from old doors on there. What a genius idea! Plus this gave me a reason to visit one of my favorite stores on earth. That place is brimming with old building materials, paint, light fixtures and all for affordable prices.

I found a door that I needed and went to work making this cool hall tree and I absolutely love it! It’s the best catch all ever and I’ve actually trained my children to put their things there when they come in! Yes…this made it all worth it!

Watch how Menards makes this in their step by step tutorial. You’ll love having one of these in your home!


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