He Paints Boards Black And White And Watch How He Gives An Old Patio Table A Makeover!

I have such a fun project to share today! The thing I love most about DIY projects is that you can turn something old and ugly into something absolutely fabulous by doing a couple of simple things! And, that’s exactly what he does with this table.

What he does in the project is so incredibly easy and just look at the results…amazing! I love black and white stripes and the turquoise paint around the edge of the table and on the legs makes this table pop!

When he flipped the table over, he took off the original table top and worked some makeover magic. Think twice before you toss things out my friends. This is a major reason to not toss things out before seeing what you can do to them!

My favorite pieces of furniture that are in my home are the ones that I’ve given a makeover.They have my own personal stamp on them and I’ve very fond of them. Of course, they are all artsy and have great colors on them. That’s my style!

I loved the shape of my table when I got it but it had seen better days. The sides & top were scratched up and worn. And it had an orange finish, but it had those awesome carved legs and I knew it would look great when I finished doing this project to it! I was so ready to get it covered up.
So are you ready to see some awesomeness? Watch how Mark, with DecoArt Painter transforms this table into a work of art in his step by step tutorial.





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