He Pours Concrete In A Container And The Next Thing He Does Will Leave You Amazed!

What he makes is so unusually stunning that you’ll definitely have to make this DIY project! You would pay a pretty penny for this if you were to purchase it in a store. This tutorial is so popular that almost 1,500,000 people have viewed it!

Make your own concrete LED string light lamp to vamp up your living room. You can use this indoors or outdoors. Anywhere you put it, it is sure to make a difference in your home. It’s a really beautiful piece of art, and, I’m sure a conversation piece!

He used a piece of metal flashing to create the concrete form. First he marked the metal flashing for the bottom of the form, He made this 5 inches tall. Next, he marked 2 inches above the first line. At this point, you will have two parallel lines.

Then he wrapped the metal flashing around the vase. He closed the flashing by taping the loose end. He used a large vase that’s 24 inches tall by 7 inches. You can find that at your local craft store.

Next, he took two 1 inch rubber seal and followed the line going around the interior, following the line he drew out. He did this twice, which gave him a two-inch path around the interior of the flashing. This part will shrink the interior, which will make the concrete fit right over it.

Then he took a piece of aluminum foil, placed it down on a flat surface. Then he traced the vase and the foam cup as shown in the video. Use hot glue to secure the cup, then the flashing to the marking.

Mix concrete and pour it in the form. After a few days remove the flashing and rubber seal. The bottom was smooth so I only had to sand the top.

Watch what he does next in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making this awesome concrete lamp!






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