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He Puts A Bookshelf On Its Side And What He Turns It Into Is Genius (Watch!)

It would have never dawned on me to do this…it’s so incredibly clever! I know that I could do this myself using this technique. I’ve been shopping for one of these and this is perfect, plus it saves me some money since it’s a DIY project!
This is probably one of the easiest furniture hacks! You’ve got to love Ikea for this reason alone. I really like the idea of turning a simple bookshelf on it’s side to create a storage bench seat. This shelving unit from Ikea is perfect! The compartments are the ideal size for baskets.
In the tutorial he uses shiplap for the seat and it’s really handsome with the stain on it, but you can do a comfy seat cushion on it instead. This way you can choose a pretty accent fabric to match your home decor.
Doing one of these for a nursery is a great idea too! They took an ordinary Ikea bookshelf, hopped it on its side, and dressed it up with some decorative moldings and a cushy fabric seat. What a great place to store all of those bedtime stories and snuggle up with the kiddos. How much easier could it be to organize a book collection?
The Rehab Life shows you how to do this in their step by step tutorial below.

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