He Puts A Mason Jar In A Toaster Oven. What He Does With It Will Shock You!

I was so surprised and excited when I ran across this tutorial! I never knew how they did this and always wanted to know…and do it myself!  I couldn’t believe I actually have the option to use my toaster oven to do this, otherwise, I’d be out of luck!

He uses a bottle in this tutorial, but I used a mason jar, since I’m rather fond of them! Most people do this in a Kiln or they use a blow torch, but I didn’t own a kiln nor a blow torch and found a tutorial that shows how to do this in a toaster oven. That I had, so I got to make my spoon rest I had to have!

Use it as a spoon rest, tea bag holder, ring dish, coaster, candy dish…Perfect as a housewarming gift or a unique gift for any occasion! And, I made a bunch of these so I would have some for gifts. I think they are the bomb!

Every tea or coffee enthusiast needs a convenient place to rest their spoon while preparing their warm beverage. Rather than a boring plate or paper towel, use a colorful mason jar to create your own one-of-a-kind spoon rest. It also makes a fantastic gift for cooks needing a place to rest their messy utensils. The best part? This spoon rest is dishwasher-safe so you can toss it in with your other dishes.

Watch how a1 boywonder does this in his step by step tutorial so you can get this crazy fun DIY project a whirl!

Photo Credit: Etsy – BsidesPittsburg



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