He Puts a Photo On 3 Pieces Of Wood And The Next Thing He Does Is Magical!

Creating a really nice way to display photos is something I have always strived to do. It’s easy to just go out and pick up a pretty frame and stick a photo in it, but I’d been looking a more original or unique way to display my pictures at home.

Finally, I found this neat tutorial for transferring photos onto wood. Transferring any photos from paper to another surface is so much fun and surprisingly easy to do. All you’ll need (aside from the photo and wood) is some gel medium and Mod Podge.

To begin with, you need to know that you cannot use an image that comes from your ink jet printer at home.  The ink will smear and you’ll be disappointed. You need to use a photocopied image and regular copy/printer paper.

If you’re anything like me you have approximately 1.4 million digital images stored somewhere that have never seen the light of day. And it’s a shame really, isn’t it!

That’s why I knew exactly what I would do when I found out I got to work with Mod Podge Transfer Medium . It was time to bring some of those photos out into the light.

Watch how Eddy Hutchons transfers this photo onto three pieces of wood, in his step by step tutorial, for a great rustic looking photo!


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