Thursday, December 7

He Puts This In A Mason Jar And Watch The Amazing Thing That Happens!

I wanted to learn how to do this so I went in search of a tutorial for the best and easiest way…of course! I ran across these great step by step instructions and I was in business!

This was my first introduction to doing this and I can’t believe how much I learned! I’d never heard of Rockwood cubes and went online to see where I could get them and what they actually are. I found out that it’s a process similar to that used to make cotton candy, basalt and chalk are spun into Rockwool, which is turned into cubes.

Rockwool is a brand name; the generic term is rock wool. Rockwool cubes, 1 or 2 inches wide and 1 1/2 inch deep, are used for germinating seeds for seedlings that are then transplanted into soil or hydroponic gardens. Cubes 3 and 4 inches wide are used as a primary growing medium for small plants. Rockwool has a high pH, so you have to adjust your water or growing solution to fit the needs of your plants.

This is where the mason jar comes in handy. He uses a wide mouthed mason jar and puts a net pot in the top of it, followed by the Rockwood cube and his seedlings or cuttings. I was amazed at this process and got busy gathering up my supplies right away!

Watch how Jeb Gardener grows his basil in this step by step tutorial and get busy growing your own herbs!




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