He Repurposes Old Skateboards For A Really Useful Item For His Son’s Room. Watch!

There’s nothing cooler than repurposing old things into different and useful things for my home and that’s one reason I’m so fond of this DIY project.

I made one of these shelfs for my younger son with my older son’s skateboards and it’s so cool looking! My younger son thinks he’s hot stuff with his older brother’s skateboards turned into a shelf. Wanelo is selling one of these for $251, so you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money, which is a big reason we love DIY projects, right?

I saw a really tall skateboard shelf on Pinterest and it was used as a shoe rack. We all need shoe racks and what could be more brilliant than this?

People make lamps, benches, swings and chairs out of skateboards. I even saw that someone used skateboards as stairs in their modern home. They had stripped all the paint off and used a light stain. It looked like wooden steps with a curve!

If you want to add some color to them, you can paint them or decoupage designs on them. So many great ideas!

Watch how Hassan makes this cool skateboard shelf in his step by step tutorial.







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