He Rolls Up Newsprint Into A Ball And Covers With Clay, Making The Coolest Mexican Folk Art!

I adore Mexican Folk Art with all the bright colors and simplicity. It’s a great way to add little pops of color to your home and these are so cheerful!

Folk  art is characterized by paintings of simple everyday creatures – birds, cows, elephants, trees and painted using bright colors.

After watching this tutorial and seeing how simple these are to make, I decided I’d be making some of these for gifts this coming holiday season. I would be so excited to receive one of these as a present, wouldn’t you?

I’m crazy about Wahakan animals, but they are way too expensive for my budget! Not sure I’ll ever have any of those, but with this great DIY project I can make all kinds of Mexican folk art! I’m so excited that I ran across this. The little birds I’ve made are so cool. You’re gonna love them!

Since I discovered this clay I’m trying my hand at making other pieces like the sugar skulls and people. I made a really neat rabbit too.

Once you get the hang of working with this clay you can make just about anything you want. You can purchase Marblex Clay at Walmart for $6.95. Also, check out Pinterest for more great Mexican Folk Art ideas.

Watch how UnitedArtAndEd makes these darling birds in his step by step tutorial.

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