He Screws Racks Under His Cabinets And What He Puts In Them Is So Clever!

This is just another brilliant way to get organized and it’s so convenient…right at your fingertips when you need it!

It’s tough to get things organized especially when you use them all the time. I have that problem especially in my sewing room. I can’t get enough of making sewing projects left and right so I decided that I have to find creative ways to keep me organized. So if you have the same problem, this also works for getting that organized as well!

You can do this with spices too! There’s a plethora of things you can use this for! Just think organizing.

You can also do a similar thing by screwing the top of baby jars or other jars into a wood shelf before hanging it…it’s the same concept, but obviously you can’t do this with mason jars. This works great for sewing and things like bobbins, safety pins, beads and little items like that.

It always makes me feel better to get things up and out of the way. It might be a pain getting it done, but it’s so worth that feeling you have once it’s done, right?

Watch how the Otter Lab does this in their step by step tutorial so you’ll know how to do this great DIY project!





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