He Sees Value In This Old Fence And Watch What He Makes! (FREE!)

Well, we’ve all seen an old fence, but do all of us think about the remarkable things it can be transformed into? I’ll admit that when I see an old fence, I didn’t think anything of it, but after seeing this tutorial, I will certainly be thinking differently!

Some projects we complete come with a huge amount of satisfaction because of the complexity and hours of time they took to finish. Other projects are satisfying because they were very simple and took very little time, yet produced an awesome result. In this case, it is the latter!

You can place this bench at the end of the bed, in an entryway, outside, next to your front door, along a picture window. An indoor bench is a welcome seat – and sight – wherever it’s placed. Add some rustic charm to your home with this weathered wooden bench.

Slide some neat looking baskets under it for shoe storage or whatever makes life more convenient, or just put your shoes under it in the entryway!

We all love things made out of old wood or pallets, but this rustic bench seat is especially unique looking and I had to have one! We just happened to be putting in a new fence across the back of our house and the old one certainly came in handy for this project…and a few others! This was really easy to make, which makes it even better! The icing on the cake was that it was free!

Watch how Shane Conlan puts this fabulous bench seat together in his step by step tutorial and you’ll be in business!



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