Thursday, December 7

He Shares Some Brilliant Hot Glue Life Hacks You Definitely Need To Know About. Watch!

Oh my gosh…these tips are so remarkable and if you don’t watch this it’s definitely your loss! These can definitely save you a lot of time and headaches…I promise!

I wonder how these got past me for so long. I especially love that he puts hot glue on a coat hanger to keep tops from sliding off. Something that is so simple and easy is so brilliant!

These aren’t the only hot glue tips…check out Pinterest for more great solutions by simply using hot glue. You’ll be so surprised at how many there are and how life altering some of these can be!

I saw a great idea for keeping my rugs in place by putting hot glue on the corners (make sure to let the glue dry before putting the rug back down). I had bought those rubber mats to put under them and it didn’t stop them from sliding around, but after seeing a video where someone put hot glue on the corners I did it and they haven’t moved since!

You just thought hot glue was just for crafting! Let me tell you, you’ll be really shocked at how helpful hot glue can be for daily household fixes.

Check out this video full of tips that offers up solutions to simple problems that create a lot of frustration in your daily life!


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