He Show Us Some Brilliant Tips For Using An iPad That I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know!

I’d actually never thought about doing some of the clever things this guy does to make using an iPad more convenient, but he’s got some really great tips that you need to check out!

I was glad that I watched this tutorial because I actually learned a lot after seeing it. He’s got some smart ideas for making your iPad much more convenient to use.

I had to send this to my granddaughter, who is glued to her iPad. She’s always holding it and this guy shows us a lot of ways to use an iPad without having to always hold it. That makes it much easier to use, especially if all your really using it for is to watch videos, which is what my granddaughter mainly uses it for.

He has a great tip for making the sound better, when the speakers are actually on the back of the computer.

I especially love the trick he does with a coat hanger to make a stand for his iPad. He also makes some other clever stands and ways to hang it when you are sitting in a car.

Make sure to check out Mr. Hacker’s step by step tutorial on how to make using your iPad much easier. If you don’t use an iPad, maybe you have kids or grandchildren who do and you can send this to them. They’ll appreciate it!


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