He Shows Us How To Care For Our Ficus Tree We’re Bringing Inside For The Winter…

I have a ficus tree that I’ve had for 40+ years and it has a temperamental personality, especially when I bring it indoors for the winter. My ficus tree seems to do very well when it’s outside and pretty much left alone, watering it every couple of weeks. Every year I always worry about it when I bring it inside…it’s my baby and I’m pretty attached to it. After all, it’s been a part of my life for a very long time!

I learned a few things about my ficus tree when I watched this tutorial. I always wondered why  some of the leaves would occasionally turn yellow. Now I know!

About a week ago I brought my 8′ tree inside and was worried that it wasn’t going to get enough light. The man in the video tells us how to gage whether your ficus is getting enough light. Mine wouldn’t be if I hadn’t bought a plant light to hang on the wall where it temporarily resides.

This ficus tree of mine has been through a few things in it’s long lifetime. It’s had a cat use it as a litter box, it was in a hail storm that broke all of the branches off and I had to cut it all the way back, and it’s been through several moves, it’s lost a lot of it’s leaves and been pruned. Therefore, I would wager to say that ficus trees can survive many things…mine has and still carries on!

Watch the attached video by P. Allen Smith and learn some great tips for taking care of your ficus tree.



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