He Shows Us The Best Thanksgiving Food Pranks (Watch!)

Why not have a little fun today? Of course this won’t apply to all your food, but you can throw in a little humor and keep your food that’s not pranked to the side! It will be a much remembered Thanksgiving, for sure!

The first thing on the agenda is he puts pickle juice in jello and makes it very pleasing to the eye…no one would ever guess that the jello they are about to bite into is filled with pickle juice! LOL!

Next, he puts chicken bones in his mashed potatoes, although, he doesn’t put small harmful ones in there…just enough to pull off the prank!

Then he scraps the icing off of store bought cupcakes and replaces it with toothpaste! He then puts sprinkles on top and a small cookie for a more enticing look!

The last prank he does is write on a sheet cake FIND THE HAIRBALL with icing and your guests will say “I’m not eating any of that!” That way you can have all the cake to yourself!

Watch howtoPRANKitup as he does these hilarious pranks in his step by step tutorial and have a little fun!



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