He Shows You A Brilliant Idea For Displaying Your Favorite Photos And Hang Up Coats At The Same Time!

A door is wrapped up in memories of the ones that have passed your threshold. It has seen everything and represents a great part of our history as a family. Therefore, when time comes for a change, don’t throw it away. Recycle recycle recycle as we always say. Re-purpose every single door into a beautiful piece of your past and turn it into a new item with a new purpose in your life. I adore this great idea of turning this vintage french door into picture frames for your favorite photos! It’s such a great way to display memories, and by adding hooks it serves more than one purpose!

There are so many other DIY projects you can do with these fabulous doors…a coffee table, a chest, or a new mirror frame. You can choose a bright color like turquoise and make it a statement object in your interior design scheme, or keep it simple and blend it perfectly with any interior decor.

Another cool idea is using an old door to add a touch of glamour and vintage appeal to your bedroom by using it as a headboard. A really great place for a vintage door is in your backyard to add some rustic charm. It would fit perfectly among your green plants and climbing flowers and will transform your small garden into a eye catching sanctuary.

I encourage you to think twice before throwing something away and be creative with it…anything can be reused and transformed.

Watch Jason, with East Coast Upcyclers video about upcycling these fabulous old doors!

Photo Credit: Cowies Craft And Cooking Corner

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