He Slides A Wine Bottle Through This Wooden Holder For An Item You Will Want And Need!

This little DIY project will definitely save you some time and energy and we’re all looking for ways to so that, right? ┬áNow you won’t be running back and forth to stay on top of this.

I was inspired to create a wine bottle bird feeder from a pin I saw on Pinterest. I loved this because it is a continuous bird feeder and I won’t be filling it all the time. It seemed like I was always filling up the bird feeder, which got old real fast.

When people say “you eat like a bird” they don’t realize that birds eat A LOT and all the time! I have always loved having bird feeders because I am a big bird watcher and really enjoy this past time. I spend a great deal of my time sitting on my patio so I can be around nature.

I do want to mention that I saw a continuous bird feeder on Pinterest where they had used a stainless-steel hose clamp instead of cutting a wooden holder, so that is also an option for this project.

Watch how Brett Withjack makes this continuous bird feeder in his step by step tutorial…it’s quite clever, for sure!


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