He Spiffs Up An Old Window And What He Does With It Next Is Amazing (Watch!)

Many of us love a good re-purposing project.  This DIY project made from an old window may be my absolute favorite.  I know, I say that every time but this project seriously contains all of my passions.

This is such a great way to display some special keepsakes, keeping them safe from the elements. It will give you the opportunity to see them on a regular basis, rather than have them shut away in a drawer or a box.

I got this old window from a thrift store for a steal! It was a nice old window and it has 8 panes so I was thrilled. My husband and I decided to use some of the wood left over from a couple other projects in our garage and made a fabulous coffee table. I’d been seeing these on Pinterest and just had to have one! I love the rustic and unique look about it! I think it’s my favorite piece of furniture in our home.

My husband is a big DIY’er who is always dabbling in woodworking and I love joining in to help. I’ve learned so much from doing this!All of his pieces are unique, creative and pretty awesome to look at! He is very talented, and I am proud to show off his handiwork! We both really enjoy going to flea markets and antique stores and searching for unique or interesting things to recreate at home. He has made several really cool pieces of furniture and wall hangings for our house.

Watch how he does this in his step by step tutorial and go get you an old window! You’ll sue enjoy having this addition in your home!


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