He Strategically Places Dominos On A Pallet Wood Square And Creates A Clever Item!

Finding a gift for someone with impeccable taste can be challenging — especially when you’re running out of time!

This is why I decided to share this low-cost, DIY option to wow the creative types in your life. This tutorial combines basics and intermediate crafting skills with sophisticated, modern looks.

I love pallet wood projects and this is certainly a unique clock that is really cheap to make. Our beloved pallet wood does it again, right?

This will look stunning hanging on your wall and is quite the conversation piece. I’m all about those DIY projects that add interest to your home.

With their vintage rustic appearance, the domino clocks make a great addition to your game room or even your backyard patio.

Made using recycled materials, including planks of unfinished wood and domino tiles, these eclectic time pieces have a stylishly rugged appeal.

I wanted a clock for our den so I made one of these and it looks so perfect with our decor. I had some dominos that had been in our family for years. They had been sitting in a drawer for a long time and I thought why not?

Watch how DIY Factory makes this cool pallet wood clock in their step by step tutorial.


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