He Swirl Paints Mason Jars And You’ve Gotta Watch How Easily He Does This!

Aren’t these mason jars the coolest? What’s even cooler is how he gets this swirly effect on the jars. This is a super easy DIY project that you’ll have to try!

These are great for kids birthday parties…actually it would be a fun thing for kids to do at a birthday party! Well, maybe not. It could be messy unless you had a lot of supervision.

You can use any colorful combination that you want for this mason jar project. These make some really awesome looking makeup brush holders, pencil/pen holders, flower vases and for many more purposes!

I love bright colors so I used three different bright colors for mine. I got my grandchildren involved, since we were all doing it together, and we had a blast. They just love doing DIY projects when they come to my home, and I thoroughly enjoy doing these things with them! Making those memories!

While he’s at it, this guy also does this technique with a picture frame, so keep that in mind while you’ve got your paint mixed up!

Watch how Ryan Mayer does this painting technique in his step by step tutorial.


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