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He Takes A 4 x 8 Sheet Of Plywood, Takes Something Old And Gives It New Life Again!

I love everything about old windows and I especially love furniture that has the old windows incorporated  into it. It is such a charming statement for any home. This DIY project is so easy, especially when you get your hubby involved in helping you make it!

After running across this tutorial, I came up with the concept of the bathroom cabinet because we needed some extra storage in our tiny upstairs bathroom and the space above the toilet was being wasted. We had a couple of old windows laying around so the idea of making a DIY bathroom cabinet out of an antique window became a reality.

We’ve been remodeling our bathroom upstairs is far from “finished”, but this DIY cabinet is a good start towards getting it done. I love how it adds the rustic touch to the bathroom.

The door opens so easily and it has tons of room for storing the things I use everyday in this room so that it frees up all the space on the countertop. Such a relief for this tiny bathroom.

I love the big impact that it has in the space and how it has become a huge focal point in the space. The rustic wood and the antique glass just make my heart happy.

Build a cabinet using an old window as the door and these make the perfect  curio!

Watch how this guy, with A Glimpse Inside, makes this awesome cabinet…it will be a timeless treasure to have in your home!

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