He Takes An Original 70s Dresser And Repurposes It To A New Pottery Barn Style Look!

It always amazes me what you can do with old furniture, just as I was pretty amazed when I saw what this guy does with this old dresser…it’s remarkable! And, we all love Pottery Barn furniture. At least most of us do anyway.

DIY projects like this just prove that we don’t need to go out and spend an exorbitant amount of money on new furniture, when we’ve probably got an old piece sitting right in our home that can be made to look new and handsome. If that’s not the case, there’s always some great pieces at your local thrift store or garage sales.

I saw a great buffet on its way to the dump, after my neighbor’s yard sale showed no signs of a new home for him. I stopped my truck as she was putting everything away and hopped out.
The sweet lady saw me kneel down to open the cabinet door and said “If you want that thing, you can HAVE it!” dripping with sarcasm… Little did she know that I was just getting ready to transform “that thing” into something she’d never recognize. The joke was on her!
Watch how this guy with oddjobstoo refinishes this dresser in his step by step tutorial so you can transform your old piece of furniture.


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