He Takes An Unfinished Wooden Door, Saws Down The Middle And What He Makes Is So Cool!

You’re probably like me and have never seen this easy DIY project. It is so incredibly charming and I had to do this as soon as I saw it… I couldn’t wait to put it in my home!

This is a fairly easy project you can make in a weekend. Believe it or not, I found a door in a dumpster, and it was too good to leave… it would have at least would have made firewood for an evening. You can find old doors at thrift stores and various places like that, if you don’t get as lucky as I did.

I’d been looking for a corner unit for my kitchen for a couple of years, but couldn’t find anything that I liked that fit my budget, and when I ran across this tutorial it was exactly what I’d been looking for. My husband and I built this together, now I’m looking around at what I want to make next!

We used pallet wood for the shelves and I painted ours white and distressed it to give it a primitive look and it turned out fabulous. It has added so much charm to our home.

Now I have a fun place to display my little trinkets and things on!

Watch how The Poultry People make this cool corner cupboard in their step by step tutorial.


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