He Traces Onto Wooden Pallets And Nails Them Together For An Item You Must Have!

This is a very simple woodworking DIY project that anyone can do. I just love everything about this! As a matter of fact I have a collection of these and my philosophy is that some are good, but more are better!

Since I started collecting birdhouses I’ve also started a collection for my mother and she has birdhouses hanging from her patio cover in her back yard and from trees. They add such a unique charm!

When my Dad was alive he made a bunch of bird houses and I’ve enjoyed painting all kinds of designs on them and on a couple of them I broke up some old china and used the china pieces to create a mosaic all over the birdhouses…they turned out so lovely!

As you will see, he uses an old license plate for the roof on the bird house he makes in this tutorial and I did the same with the extra vanity plates I had from the years past…so much fun and so many fabulous ideas for decorating birdhouses! This is why I have so many in my collection!

He also uses pallet wood to build this birdhouse he makes in the tutorial I’ve attached in this post. We all know that pallet wood is free, making this project cost next to nothing to make…my favorite kind of DIY project!

Watch how Inspire to Make does this in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making your birdhouse collection!

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