He Upcycles An Old Door Into An Amazing Antiqued Headboard!

Old doors turned headboards add so much charm to a bedroom. You can save so much money with this DIY project and get exactly what you want!

I’ve seen some incredible headboards made out of some fabulous old doors! People make them the normal headboard size and some of them use more than one door making them much taller, which is quite stunning! The sky’s the limit with this project!

I purchased an old door for $20 a piece at a local junk store…doors with panels works best for this project. My husband framed the door with trim. Then I painted the door and trim white, and antiqued the headboard using acrylic paint. I’m so excited about the dimension and personality it has added to my room! Then I decided, since it turned out so great, that a couple of other bedrooms needed them!

My husband and  ended up making three different headboards for our home and did all of them in different colors. We distressed the paint, and they turned out fabulous! We put a mantle ledge on each of them.  First we installed crown moulding along the top edge of the door.  Then we measured the opening and cut a piece of wood to fit and installed decorative trim along the edge. They look amazing and I would recommend doing them. By adding the mantle ledge, it just gives the headboards a more prestigious look.

Watch how MadLawMedia, LLC does this in their step by step tutorial.


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