He Wraps A Wire Around A Razor Blade And You’ll Be Shocked When You See What Happens (Watch!)

What? I couldn’t believe it when I ran across this information! You never know what someone’s gonna come up with! So many brilliant people out there.

If you have a child who needs a good science project this is it (with adult supervision, of course)! Watch and learn how you can make a water heater with a couple of shaving blades, a popsicle stick and a plug adapter, at home, just in 10 minutes or less.

When I saw this I was really surprised that by doing this it actually heats water! Of course this DIY project doesn’t take the place of a water heater, but I found it to be pretty interesting.

This guy who does the tutorial below said “My friend from Russia taught me this life hack. He told that in Soviet times it was common thing to boil water like this.” I can’t imagine having to do this to boil water, but at least they were clever enough to figure this out! If I didn’t have hot water for coffee, I’d quickly figure out how to do this, right?

Watch how digitalLLoupe does this crazy project in his step by step tutorial…it’s amazing!




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