Her Bathroom Sink Was Clogged And She Has An Excellent Solution!

Did you know you could create your own homemade drano? Well, it’s not really like drano because drano is full of a lot of crazy chemicals and toxins, but it can get the clog out of backed up sinks and tubs like drano.

My bathroom sink was clogged and I took a coat hanger to fish out any hair that was caught in there. I thought I had fixed it, but it still wouldn’t drain! Ugh! I thought about going to the store to buy something to fix the clogged drain, but instead I went online to look for a solution and I found this magical tutorial that solved my problem! What did we do before the Internet? I’ve found so many answers to my situations online and I’m so grateful! This is why I chose to post this…for those of you who are having the same problem, here’s your answer!

When I watched Julie’s tutorial I decided to create my own solution and it surprisingly turned out to be quite an easy task. My sink that took 15 minutes the night before to drain, now drained in less than 3 minutes. I couldn’t believe it. All this time I had been using those harsh chemicals, when I could have been using simple and safe ingredients to make my own.

My homemade drano recipe uses safe all natural ingredients, unlike the store bought stuff which is full of scary chemicals.

Julie with Howdini shows us how to resolve this problem and I love that it uses ingredients that I always have on hand, and is still effective. . Are you ready to find out how to unclog a drain the natural simple way?

Watch how Julie with Howdini unclogs this drain in he step by step tutorial so you will have this clever solution too!



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