Her Craft Room Was A Mess. She Started By Putting Ribbons And Tape On A Dowel But What She Did Next Is Genius!

Wishing your craft room looked like all the gorgeous ones you see on Pinterest? I was, too when my crafting supplies seemed to have taken over the entire room and if I didn’t do something soon, might take over my entire house if I didn’t find a solution.

Not everyone needs the same craft room organizing solution, since we all have our different DIY specialties.

If you sew, then your problem is likely too many spools of thread or fabric scraps or buckets of random sewing notions. If you paint, then you may have piles or paint tubes, brushes, and 50 different shades of reds and blues that need sorting.

Or, if you are like me, and you love woodworking, sewing, painting, decoupage, paper crafts and every other type of DIY under the sun, then you need a variety of organizing solutions.

Most of these projects are inexpensive, too, and pretty quick to make. Leaves you with more time to craft! Check out this cool craft room organizing solution to see if it’s right for you, then design the ultimate crafting space for yourself.

Watch the creative ideas Sea Lemon has in her step by step tutorial to get her craft room organized.


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