Her Dog Had No Idea What Kind of Treat He Was In For…

Some dogs have all the luck and this one was in for a real surprise, although, he’s not the only one who will enjoy this great idea! This was an awesome idea for spiffing up my place and adding some color to the room, even though her dog does think it’s his! In my case, my cat thinks I made him a lounger! I’m always cleaning cat hair off of it! I think he loves it as much as I do! It’s actually cheaper than buying a pet bed!

I had an old IKEA table in the back of my closet. My neighbor had given me this table some time back. As a table it was a bit basic and kind of useless, so I thought I’d spice it up and make it a bit more functional with a little bit of paint and some fabric! This ottoman literally took 15 minutes and was one of the easiest projects I’ve ever done. I started with my IKEA table, some fabric I had lying around and I too had some pieces left over from a mattress topper I purchased some time ago, like Shaina Glenn, in her tutorial. You don’t have to run out and buy foam if you want to keep the cost down. Some people use discarded pillows for this too. Just use your imagination and come up with something you already have! The purpose is to not spend a lot of money!

I wanted to do this because I’m always putting my feet up on my coffee table, but my achilles heel always starts hurting. This definitely solved that problem! I used some linen fabric that I had already and if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t use linen. It’s not the best fabric to use for one of these…it still wrinkles and stretches out on this table like it does when you wear it! I may go get some fabric like she used in this tutorial. It’s so easy to replace!

Watch how she does this so you can get busy making one of these for you and your furry family!


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