Her Favorite Chain Had A Couple Of Knots In It. Watch The Clever Way She Gets Them Out!

I’m sure this has happened to you at least once.  You go to put on your favorite necklace only to discover that you weren’t careful when you took it off the last time you wore it and somehow it got knots in it. You only have a few minutes to get to your appointment so you try what this gal shows us in her tutorial. It’s works like magic!

All you need are a couple sewing needles and the secret ingredient…an ingredient that most people have in their kitchen pantry. The secret ingredient? Oil, which can be vegetable oil, olive oil or baby oil. The oil will enable you to separate the pieces of the chain and release the knot. The needles are your way of getting the knot out, once the oil has loosened up the chain. You don’t need to put the whole chain in oil. All you need is a little bit on the knotted parts.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to lay the chain down on a flat surface. Holding the chain up in the air to untangle it is will actually worsen the problem…you’ll be fighting against gravity and the knot will actually tighten up.
So, now you don’t need to fret when you get a knot or two in your favorite chain. This is such a quick and simple solution that it won’t be any big deal!
Watch how she does this easy trick in her step by step tutorial.

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