Her Kids Outgrew Their Toys, But Instead Of Tossing Them, She Had A Brilliant Idea…

What? I was scrolling through DIY projects and abruptly said  “WHOA…What is he doing?” My first thought was that it was another hair brained idea, but the more I watched, the more interested I became! This is really cool!

I still had tons of Legos in a box in the attic, from when my boy was younger, so I ventured up there and found them. It’s always hard to figure out just what to do with older kids’ toys when your child grows out of them. They take up a lot of space, but it hurts a little bit to throw out or donate something your child once adored. Before you banish those little jewels to the home for misfit toys…or, more rather, Goodwill. Check out some of the incredible craft projects you can transform them into!

I thought I would give this a shot because these would be neat little tables for my patio. My son came by and found me out in the garage with his Legos and I volunteered his services to help me. After all, he’s the Lego guy! I’m so grateful he came by because this project went a lot faster and smoother. Now I have my nesting tables after using Legos as a mold, and they are so unique! I love how these concrete tables show the texture from the Lego. I was skeptical about how well this idea would work, but everything went smoothly and Lego formed concrete is my new obsession. This is pretty impressive!

Watch this step by step tutorial and jump in with both feet…not to the concrete though!




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