Her Room Decor Is So Stunning With These Super Cool Clothespin Frames!

I’m crazy about the way ClaCali decorated this bedroom and these clothespin frames that she created out of cardboard are so clever! What a great way display photos and things you want to remember. These would be great for a kitchen for reminder notes. Lord knows I need to have my notes displayed somewhere or I’ll forget!

The black and white patterns she used in her bedroom are stunning and I love how she adds a small pop of color on the clothespins…makes me want to redo one of my bedrooms! I wouldn’t have thought of putting decorating a wall like this and I love the stenciled chandelier she does too!

I loved this so much that I had to make on and, since I’m a school teacher, I plan on hanging this picture holder, on the wall, right by my desk in my classroom! I will probably have some pictures on it, but I mostly plan on keeping all of those adorable pictures, notes, and other items from my students on there. This is such a great way to display those little items that my sweet students give me each year! They are sure to lift my spirits and make me smile every time I see them!

If you really want to be creative with this DIY project, you can add colorful glitter to the clothespins. You can buy glitter in all different colors! Or, you can paint designs on the clothespins.

All you need to do this project is cardboard, clothespins, glue gun, circular tracer and acrylic paint, so watch how ClaCali makes this nifty little frame in her step by step tutorial so you can make one for yourself!




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