Here Are Some Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Money From Home!

Just think, you could be sitting on a quite a bit of money and don’t even realize it! With all of the crafters out there, things that you use and throw away could actually be earning you money. Remember that someone’s trash can be another person’s treasure!

Who would ever think that you could make money by selling toilet paper rolls? Well, if you go on Pinterest or any DIY sites you will see that many of the DIY’ers out there use these to make some really cool crafts.

It’s amazing what people sell and actually make money on. As you will see, in the video you that is attached to this post, that people have actually sold their dentures! Preposterous huh? You never know what people buy!

We might as well give this a shot because we never know what someone might be looking for. Speaking of…egg cartons can be a real money maker. There are a lot of people out there who have chickens and need the cartons to put the eggs in for their customers. Not to mention all of the awesome DIY projects you can make with egg cartons. Have you seen some of the beautiful roses people make out of egg cartons?

I’m not so sure about the used and broken crayons, but you can give that a try too. What do you have to lose? I know lots of crafters use them to melt and make some really cool artwork.

Watch Rachel Ray’s video and get some ideas of what you can make money on, by sitting at home, so you can get busy collecting some of these things to make some extra bucks!


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