Here Are Some Super Cool Tricks You Can Do With Zip Ties That Never Occurred To You!

Aren’t zip ties the greatest thing since sliced bread? Too bad I wasn’t the person who invented this brilliant idea! These little strips of plastic are so incredibly great to have on hand for tricks like the ones that Thaitrick shows us, but these are just a drop in the bucket for the uses of zip ties!

This past Christmas I used zip ties to attach lights to the two Christmas wreaths I put on my front doors and I also used them to put lights up on the rod iron balconies in the front of my house. I was so grateful to have these available to do this with. It made my decorating so much easier!

I’ve seen so many cool DIY projects, on Pinterest, that people have done and I was amazed at the awesome lamp that was on there…gotta do that next!

In this tutorial Thaitrick shows us 12 different things that he uses zip ties for and the first one he shows us is he uses zip ties to put a notebook together, puts one on a broken zipper on his bag so that he can still use the zipper, uses them for putting two hangers together to put a back pillow in the hang up when not in use, and several other useful tips.

Watch what his other tips are in his step by step tutorial so you can pick up more clever ideas for utilizing these nifty little jewels!

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