Here’s A Creative Idea for That Special Fabric You’ve Been Holding Onto – Make Your Own Tufted Ottoman!

Are you wanting some of the fabulous tufted furniture but are on a strict budget?  This is your ticket!  I recently made a tufted coffee table because #1 I love the way they look and #2 when I sit and watch TV I like to put my feet on my coffee table and the wood was hurting my achilles heels.  This solved that problem and also added some charm to my living room.  Although, my cat now thinks it’s his new bed!  So now I have a fur tufted coffee table!  I also use ceramic coasters to put my drinks on and a decorative tray to hold my remotes and put a vase of flowers on.  Otherwise, they would just turn over without a firm surface to put things on.  It’s so lovely!

DIY Tufted Ottoman:


Coffee Table

Metal Button Covering Kit

Spray Adhesive




Nail Heads

Staple Gun


Screw Driver


Sand paper


Long needles

Since he is using an old coffee table he picked up at the thrift store, he sands and stains the legs.  Then measures out where he wants her covered buttons to go on the table.  Next, he drills where he marked for the holes.  Then he sprays the adhesive on the table and places the foam and batting on top of the table and then the fabric he’s measured and cut out ahead of time.  He uses his screw driver (on the top of the materials and then uses long needles to attach the buttons he covered with the same fabric.  He pulls the needles through the foam and fabric through the holes he’s drilled, through the bottom and up.  Next he staples the thread on the bottom of the table to hold in place.  Then he pulls the fabric tight and staples to the underside of the table.  Next  he adds the nail heads all the way around the table.

Watch this great tutorial and make your own tufted ottoman!





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