Here’s How You Can Fix Your Own Shoes And Save Some Money On Shoe Repairs

I never understood why shoes always decide to break at the worst possible time, but that’s how it always goes with my luck!

We all know that most of the time shoe repairs cost almost as much, or more, than we paid for the shoes that need fixed!

Gluing the sole of your shoe back to the upper may seem easy enough, but there are a few tricks you’ll need to employ to make sure your glue job holds up.

Over the years I have tried super glue and Gorilla glue and they fail long-term.  Meliney recommends Fantastic Elastic and says it’s glue she recommends for repairing your shoes.

I used it on two pairs of of my husband’s shoes to reattach the soles where they have come loose.  Every pair of shoes we have repaired with this miraculous glue are holding strong!

This repair method is straight forward and fast. You do not have to be a craft whiz or expert handyman.

Forget taking your shoes to the shoe repair store. You can successfully perform basic shoe repairs at home. Learn how to save money and extend the life of your shoes with this simple do-it-yourself repair technique.

Watch how Meliney, with MelineysWorld,  repairs her shoes in the attached step by step tutorial and save yourself some money!


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