Here’s Just One Of The Remarkable Ways You Can Use Bullet Shells Instead Of Hunting!

There are so many amazing DIY projects for using bullet shells, especially for creating some awesome jewelry…Pinterest is full of fabulous ideas!

People also adorn crosses and picture frames with bullet shells. You’ll see beautiful earrings, push pins, ornaments, and the list goes on with what you can make with a simple as a bullet shell.

This paracord bracelet is just one cool example of how easy it is to make jewelry and bullet shells add a unique flavor to everything that you use them for.

People are selling lots of items on Etsy made with bullet shells and they are seriously cool and stunning. Now you can make your own and not have to pay money for these items.

I was so excited when I saw some of these great things and just had to make some of them! I made this cool paracord bracelet for my husband and son and they loved them so I made some for the men in my family for Christmas gifts. Ever get tired of buying them shirts and ties?

Keep these in mind for the men in your family for birthday or Father’s Day gifts too. Although, these aren’t just for men to wear, but they are an acceptable item for men and we always need a more interesting gift ideas for the men in our lives.

Watch how this gal with Bored Paracord makes these great bracelets in her step by step tutorial.


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