HINT: It’s Not A Picture Frame, But It’s An Amazing Rustic Farmhouse Piece You Must See (Watch!)

Do you simply love rustic looks for your home decor? Farmhouse decor is so popular right now for a good reason, it is just the best ever! The cool thing about this DIY project is that it only costs $20 to make!

I started appreciating furniture with a worn look after I had kids and they pretty much destroyed anything with a glossy surface. However, they are all grown now and all of my favorite pieces of furniture are ones I started collecting after I realized the distressed look was practical, functional, creative and so incredibly unique.

The other great thing about farm house decor is that the best pieces are ones you DIY yourself, so they are budget friendly, completely customizable and awesome.

Chalkboards are so easy to make. I have them all over my house. I just love writing messages to my kids, hubby, whoever……quirky fun, little sayings, the menu, anything really. Now I don’t have to keep up with post it notes anymore! I would always write messages on post it notes and never knew where they would end up, but I could never find them after I wrote on them! That ever happen to you?

Watch how these two gals with Shanty2Chic makes this fabulous farmhouse chalkboard…you’ll have to have one!

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