His Challenge Was To Figure Out How To Stop His Car Windows From Fogging Up (Watch!)

Don’t you hate it when you get in your car and have to wait until the windows get unfogged before you can go anywhere? Well, this guy found a simple solution that we can all benefit from!

 No doubt that everyone will like this tip! It’s freezing cold outside and way too early to be awake, but you have to get in your car to get to work or take the kids to school. The worst part? Waiting in the cold for your windows to defrost! This helpful tip will make those steamy windows disappear! He uses a pair of socks to fix his stubborn foggy windows, but the secret is what he puts inside the socks! This is the last place I’d expect to use cat litter. That’s right — cat litter is the missing ingredient!
While you can get rid of fogged up windows pretty easily using your vehicle’s defogger system, or by cranking up the heat, it takes some time and won’t always keep the fogginess away. If you’re anything like me, you don’t have extra time in the morning to wait for the defogger to do its job.
Instead of spending valuable minutes wiping down the glass or waiting for the defroster to do its magic, try out this unique hack for clearing up fogged up windows without any real work.
Rather than waste gas or time, turn to the incredible absorption powers of kitty litter. As Dave Hax demonstrates in his video, filling a sock up with cat litter is the perfect solution to keeping your car windows fog-free.Watch how Dave does this in his tutorial so you can use this simple solution to your fogged windows!


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