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Homemade Ferrero Rocher Truffles Are So Easy & Delicious!

These delicious truffles originated in Italy.  I can’t believe I can make these now!  Making your own homemade candy has never been easier, such as these homemade  ferrero rocher truffles.  These are perfect for the holidays and would make a delicious gift to put in a lovely hand painted mason jar.

Originally,  I thought I wouldn’t like these and wouldn’t try one. Well, there came a day when I was curious about what all the hype was about these…I now know and have been hooked ever since I tasted one!  I’m so excited to have this recipe…they are so decadent, but I have to watch myself around them or I’ll overdo it.  My kids like these so much, I catch them in the kitchen making them and then I know I’m in trouble because they’re in the house again!

Watch the step by step tutorial as they show you how to make these!  Enjoy!

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