How She Does Classic Makeup On A Mature Face…

Monique Parent is a Hollywood Actress who has been in the business for 25 yrs., so it’s kind of fun getting to watch her go from a totally natural look to a classic look with her makeup application. There aren’t very many actresses who would ever be seen without their makeup and she tells you this in her video.

Monique  takes us from start to finish, applying makeup for an every day look. After moisturizing, she starts by using the Smashbox Photo Finish primer. She applies it with a pre-moistened sponge. Then she applies her foundation called High Definition by Smashbox. She applies it to her sponge and explains that you will get more coverage if you ‘stipple’ the foundation on your face, pressing down for more coverage.

Next she applies ‘Amazing Concealer’, which is her all time favorite. She says to be careful not to go too light or you will do the opposite of why you’re applying concealer…too light and it will accentuate what you are trying to hide.

She says the most important thing you can do with your makeup is to blend it to soften the look. Rather than tell you everything she does, I’m gonna encourage you to watch the video since a visual is always better when someone is applying makeup!

I really love Monique… she’s a fun down to earth person and is rather enjoyable to listen to!

Watch how she applies classic makeup in her step by step tutorial and enjoy!


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